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Comprehensive Selection of Reports

SmartMove incorporates a wide range of business reports, allowing you to manage your fleet more efficiently and identify areas for improvement – such as optimising your rosters or improving your training programs.

Safer & Fairer

Drivers are safer, jobs are allocated more equitably and your business becomes more profitable. Unlike radio-based systems that do not have the bandwidth to do so, SmartMove uses cell phone networks to track position and communicate with the base. This means you always know where every car is. A discrete ‘panic’ button provides a mantle of safety.

Streamlined Booking & Dispatch

Integrated caller line identification technology means operators can enter bookings faster. Regular clients can make and manage their own bookings from anywhere on the internet. Get the most out of your dispatching system by using DocketKiller, SmartMove’s answer to hand-written dockets and double-handling of customer account information. SmartMove’s advanced dispatching algorithm can be customized to accommodate 0, 1 or many ranks, 1-way streets and zones of any size and shape. You know where every vehicle is, all day, every day and dispatch is lightning fast!

Increased Revenue

Mobile dispatches faster, enabling you to clear any backlog of jobs quickly, increasing takings by $10-20 per hour when your fleet is busy.

  • Better $/km rate
  • Job allocation based on job location and GPS-tracking position of vehicle.
  • Reduce NoShows by getting there sooner.
  • 99% of all dispatch requires no operator intervention after the booking is entered.
  • Accept your next job while processing payment for the current job—then head off in the right direction for the next job.
  • Reduce dead kilometres.
  • Automatically generate monthly tax invoices for account customers saving many tedious hours of labour.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Pick up your customers on time by taking advantage of SmartMove’s high speed dispatch automation.

Increased Call Centre Flexibility

  • Accept voice or smartphone bookings.
  • Take bookings with your own staff, or use a remote call centre, or mix and match depending on peak or busy periods.
  • Easily switch over to a remote call centre—no extra hardware or software required.
  • Dedicated ‘Job cover’ and ‘Pre-booking’ screens, with the ability to search for jobs both past and future.
  • Flexible text entry via mouse, keyboard, shortcut keys or a combination.
  • Supervisor’s summary screen showing any jobs requiring manual override.